A Gentle Reminder on How Democracy Works

British stocks are plunging into their biggest crash since the 2008 financial crisis https://t.co/cNjYXW01sI #Brexit pic.twitter.com/oNzUkBjV35 — CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2016 "In total, more than $2 trillion in value had been wiped out in global stock markets by Friday morning" https://t.co/BXxv2nEV2c — Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) June 24, 2016 Spoke to 'Leave' voters who say […]

Scalzi on Brexit

Why, yes! Yes, I do! Bear in mind that the United Kingdom is not my state, and there may be some subtleties to the arguments for and against the UK leaving the European Union that I don’t get. Nevertheless I’ve been following the back and forth for a few months, not only out of my… via […]