Good Reads Vol. 1

Here’s what I’m reading these days The Tiny London Shop Behind Some of the Very Best Libraries Put yourself in the hands of the staff at the London bookstore Heywood Hill, who promise to go to the ends of the earth to hunt down the books you need — the rare, the old and the […]


Storytelling is how we’re moved to take care of each other when we recognize how extremely thin the veneer of civilization we cherish is, and how very hard it is to keep that veneer from shredding in the wind. –Barry Lopez; Poets & Writers Live; October 17, 2015; Portland, Oregon

The Literary 10 – Number 3

3. Nobility of Spirit: A Forgotten Ideal I’ve been sitting here racking my brain for the past 45 minutes, trying to remember where I first heard about this 116-page book. What I can tell you is that it’s a powerful little book. In an age when everyone seems to be running scared from what they […]

The Literary 10 – Number 4

4. Waking the Dead And now we come to the first of the books by John Eldredge. I think the best way to open, then, is to tell you how I discovered Mr. Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries. In 2010, I was at the midnight launch for Halo Reach with my brother and a mutual friend. […]

The Literary 10 – Number 5

5. The Writer’s Guide Many ages ago, I was in elementary school. And in elementary school, we had every so often a catalog we could order books from. Well, one year, and with an eye towards a career of writing, I ordered Sue Bennett’s The Writer’s Guide. It’s a short book, but it covered every. […]

The Literary 10 – Number 6

6. Writing on Both Sides of the Brain In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, there are two characters named Caliban and Ariel. Ariel represents unfettered freedom, whimsy, and flight, while Caliban symbolizes control and rigidity. It’s these two characters that Henriettte Anne Klauser invokes in this book to represent the right and left brains. Writing on Both Sides […]

The Literary 10 – Number 7

7. CIW Site Designer Bible Ok, so it’s not literary by any means. But this book has been influential on me, seeing as how it launched my career as a web developer. This book has it all for the aspiring web guru. There’s HTML, CSS, basic page layout concepts and design. You’ll learn how to […]

The Literary 10 – Number 8

8. The Gay Science There was a time when I thought Friedrich Nietzsche was the bee’s knees. I was young and in college, a time when every young man stretches the limits of his imagination and explores vast new horizons. That was a long time ago. Yes, this is the tome where Nietzsche wrote the […]

The Literary 10 – Number 9

9. The Warrior Trilogy The idea of books being written based on Battletech, a game I loved as a kid (yeah, this kid played games with dice, miniatures, and paper), was weird at first. Maybe they wouldn’t have much story or maybe they were just another way to sell game books and modules. Boy was I […]