Who Are You Becoming by Morgan Snyder

What if this core desire set deep in the heart of a man to build something extraordinary, to exercise dominion, was first meant to fuel an inward transformation that then spilled out into an external reality? –Morgan Snyder, Who Are We Becoming?, Become Good Soil

How to Win the Nobel Prize by The Paris Review

Drafting these citations must be painstaking, fairly joyless work. This one, at least, reads like an act of circumlocution by committee; the choice to append “the most” to “ungraspable” may have occasioned hours of debate. And for what? The final result could apply to anyone; in the broadest terms, not just every writer but every […]

The Literary 10 – Number 10

I’ve been challenged by a good friend to list the top 10 books that have had an influence on my life. I thought, what better way to add some content to the ol’ blog. So I present to you the first in a 10-part series on my favorite and most influential books (n.b. The thumbnails […]

Waiting Out the Storm

On Thursday night, the rain and sleet began. By Friday morning, the area was covered with nearly two inches of sleet and ice. Schools closed, people stayed home, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was brought to a standstill as temperatures remained below freezing for 73 straight hours. Ice storms certainly have their charm. The cold […]

Our Trip to the Modern

Oblivious to all the football going on yesterday, my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin ventured to Fort Worth for an afternoon of fine art at The Modern, quite possibly the area’s best art museum. I hadn’t been to the “new” building since it was finished in 2002, so this was my first time seeing […]