A Gentle Reminder on How Democracy Works

British stocks are plunging into their biggest crash since the 2008 financial crisis https://t.co/cNjYXW01sI #Brexit pic.twitter.com/oNzUkBjV35 — CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2016 "In total, more than $2 trillion in value had been wiped out in global stock markets by Friday morning" https://t.co/BXxv2nEV2c — Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) June 24, 2016 Spoke to 'Leave' voters who say […]

Scalzi on Brexit

Why, yes! Yes, I do! Bear in mind that the United Kingdom is not my state, and there may be some subtleties to the arguments for and against the UK leaving the European Union that I don’t get. Nevertheless I’ve been following the back and forth for a few months, not only out of my… via […]

Good Reads Vol. 1

Here’s what I’m reading these days The Tiny London Shop Behind Some of the Very Best Libraries Put yourself in the hands of the staff at the London bookstore Heywood Hill, who promise to go to the ends of the earth to hunt down the books you need — the rare, the old and the […]

Woe, Canada

Well, this is troubling. It’s from a National Review op-Ed about Canadian municipal government run amok… Orr’s words seem especially prophetic now, at a time in a hockey-loving nation where dark, bureaucratic winds are blowing, swirling around that most sacred of hockey symbols: the shinny rink. Be it in a backyard, a front yard, or […]


Storytelling is how we’re moved to take care of each other when we recognize how extremely thin the veneer of civilization we cherish is, and how very hard it is to keep that veneer from shredding in the wind. –Barry Lopez; Poets & Writers Live; October 17, 2015; Portland, Oregon

In Botswana Where the Queens Rule

Even though Botswana has a thriving metal scene, it’s the boys who get most of the attention. But one photographer wants to change that… South African photographer Paul Shiakallis has produced a series of photos, “Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts”, of the “queens” of Botswana’s heavy metal subculture, called “Marok,” which translates to “rocker” in Setswana. […]

The North Texas Christmas Tornadoes

I’ve had to reassure my fiancée that spending Christmas with me is not this adventurous. We spent roughly 2 hours inside of Wal-Mart in Garland, TX on Saturday evening, 12/26/2015. Not because we’re big fans of the place, but because we had 2 tornado warnings issued. If you’ve ever wondered what Wal-Mart’s severe weather protocol […]

What I Love Most About Christmas

There’s one thing I love most about Christmas. And it’s not what you think. It’s not the gifts. It’s not the food. Nope, the thing I love about Christmas the most…is the mess. But that’s because it’s not just any old mess. I’m talking about the kind of mess that you can only get from […]