Waiting Out the Storm

The bushes outside my office window

On Thursday night, the rain and sleet began. By Friday morning, the area was covered with nearly two inches of sleet and ice. Schools closed, people stayed home, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was brought to a standstill as temperatures remained below freezing for 73 straight hours.

Ice storms certainly have their charm. The cold weather brings out shutterbugs (including yours truly) documenting every icicle and bent tree, while the daring ride laundry baskets down the tallest hill in the nearby park or lace up their hockey skates for a turn on their street.

But the magic wears off quickly. It’s amazing how something as ordinary as a grocery store run or a walk around the neighborhood is taken for granted until it can’t easily be done. After 3 days of this, folks are ready to get back to work or to school, and restore some semblance of normalcy. But the cold weather persists and so they have to wait for the ice to melt and the streets to clear.

This ice storm reminds me so much of the first week of Advent. As Christians, we’re waiting on the coming of the Lord, not just this season, but also His Second Coming. We wait on Immanuel – God among us – who will bring respite to our souls, end our suffering, and usher us into a new kingdom. The waiting is hard, even agonizing, but it’s worth it.

Eventually, the sun will shine and the ice will melt. Eventually, the Son will return and, at the wedding feast, hearts will melt.