Woe, Canada

Well, this is troubling. It’s from a National Review op-Ed about Canadian municipal government run amok…

Orr’s words seem especially prophetic now, at a time in a hockey-loving nation where dark, bureaucratic winds are blowing, swirling around that most sacred of hockey symbols: the shinny rink. Be it in a backyard, a front yard, or the frozen expanse of a local pond, the great Canadian pick-up game is under siege…


…in north Edmonton, on New Year’s Eve. Morgann Tomlinson, a mother of three, who grew up chasing pucks on a lake in northern Ontario, was shoveling the pond behind her home with her husband when the bylaw cops appeared. The couple was fined $100. Their crime? Modifying the “land in a way likely to cause injury.”

Many who read this site know that I love hockey, and to see this sort of behavior in Canada, where the game was born, is truly disheartening. Especially when children north of the border are already spending too much time in front of the TV and not enough time outside.

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