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In hindsight, I feel that the final play of the game was a sensible call, given the Patriots’ ability to stop the run and the success Seattle had with that very slant play. I do feel like the best option would’ve been a counter to Lynch or a designed bootleg run for Wilson, something to spread out that defense. Or, shoot, even a play-action pass.

I gave tennis another shot last week with the Murray/Berdych match at the Australian Open. I didn’t watch all 3-4 hours, but the glimpses I caught intrigued me. Tennis, as it turns out, is all about rhythm and position. At least that’s how I saw it. Very fluid. I think I need to sit down and watch a match.

I’ve got a good feeling about the Texas Rangers’ upcoming season. Of course, that’s easy; last year was so horrendous that I pined for the lean years when expectations were always set low…even with a certain $250 million shortstop in town.

Here’s hoping FC Dallas can take the next step this season. The preseason is already underway.

Bearded Bob Ley or Shaven Bob Ley? I prefer the beard, myself.

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  1. I admit I didn’t like that last call but it was a tough decision. Overall good game. I’m optimistic about the Rangers but we shall see if they don’t choke this year.

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